what what! THE TEN SPOT huntington is now open!

our yet another american bar this week. honestly i can’t even believe this is real…

i couldn’t be more proud – of everyone…

x. of our newest 10spotters® – your 10spotter®in10 training is intense to say the least. they’ve had to hustle and learn everything from our core values to perfect polish to what makes a 10 out of 10 10spot® experience – and they killed it!

x. of our bad ass brand educator gloria, who gives it her absolute all every single training bootcamp. she’s on a tour opening up 4 bars in a row over the next month and a half! i can’t even. the dedication is real. and she’s incredible.

x. of my hq crew who never ceases to amaze me with how they manage to open these bars. it’s legit hundreds of to do items that all get done – everything from paint swatches to tiles to signage to every opening item under the sun that needs ordering. nothing gets missed by these guys. it’s truly a machine over here.

x. and most importantly of our franchise partner dave and his wife pam for believing in the brand and taking THE TEN SPOT® to huntington new york! they are amazing and inspirational couple. dave’s a former hbo exec (i know right, i’m more than a little bit star struck – corporate speaking…) so with his pedigree taking us on just makes me so proud of this brand.

big love to our huntington crew!

(you can book into the huntington bar here)

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