product drop: the nail kits!

10spot® beauty nail kits have dropped and i couldn’t be more excited to share them with you! we’ve been working on this line for about a year because we wanted to give you as close to THE TEN SPOT® experience at home (or on the go – seriously take this kit on vacay you both deserve it) as possible.

say buh-bye to those diy nails that never turn out anything like the picture (you know what i’m talkin’ about). inmy opinion this is the best ever diy mani + pedi kit ever. our killer tools + easy peasy steps will leave you with a polish job so good people will think it was profesh.

even better? you save big time when you buy the nail kit. save $15 with the base kit + watch the savings stack up as you add polish + other 10spot® beauty products. more deets below – scroll on babe!

the buffer
our 4 sided, extra-long buffing block smooths nails + buffs away dry skin and debris for perfect polish prep every time. it’s easy to use and makes a big difference on the finished product 😉

to care for your buffer: you can give it a bit of a spray with 70% alcohol. do not use water.

the clipper 
okay so these guys might be my fav. it’s so hard to find quality cutters with a flat edge. this detail makes it seriously easy and precise to trim your nails. you’re never gonna need another pair once you have these stainless steel bad boys which will stay sharp and last forever. can be used for hands + feet.

to care for your clipper: after use clean with soap + water and then to disinfect they can soak the tool in 70% alcohol.

the file
the 10spot® nail file has two grits, one side 100/180 – a coarse and fine grit for perfect filing. this puppy is the must-have add-on to your at-home mani. pro tip: i keep one in my purse and one at home cause ya’ just never know when you might have a nail emerg.

to care for your file: you can give it a bit of a spray with 70% alcohol. do not use water.

the clean-up brush + cuticle pusher.
the polish clean-up brush has 2 sides: an angled flat edge brush for perfect polish clean-up + a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles for a smooth nail. so you can polish like a pro and flex your own creative designs. 

to care for your clean-up brush + cuticle pusher: dip in 70% alcohol to disinfect. cuticle pusher side wipe with 70% alcohol.

the foot file.
we worked overtime on this one because we couldn’t have you ripping the sheets at home with dry heels (no shame here, but seriously). our signature foot file has a smooth, easy-grip handle, double-sided coarse and finer grit sides for calluses and heels. it’s safe, gentle + ultra ergonomic. for best results soak feet in some warm water + our 10spot® wash for 10 minutes prior to buffing. begin with the coarse grit to file thick, cracked, dry skin and finish with the finer grit to buff and smooth for a baby-soft finish.  

to care for your foot file: after use clean with soap + water and then spray with 70% alcohol to disinfect.

we have 4 killer kits to choose from, and to make things even sweeter they all come with free shipping! 

meet your kits:

the nail kit

comes with all the tools listed above + our bottom’s up base coat and rock hard gel finish topcoat. + you save $15 with the nail kit!  

shop the nail kit

the nail kit + 3 polishes 

comes with all the items with the standard nail kit but you get to add your 3 fav polish colours and save $16. 

shop the nail kit + 3 polishes

the nail kit + 5 polishes 

you guessed it…same deal here but you save $20 big ones! 

shop the nail kit + 5 polishes

the nail kit + the threesome

this kit saves you $20 and also scores you the full threesome set of  THE WASH, THE LOTION + THE SCRUB in your choice of scent. all three products are used in our step-by-step mani + pedi guide for the ultimate at-home treatment. hellooo baby smooth skin + flawless nails. 

shop the nail kit + the threesome 


master your perfect mani or pedi at home with the steps below

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download our step-by-step mani + pedi guide here

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