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it’s all part of the plot.

i watched a tik tok recently – i went back to try and find it and there’s a ton of them now so i don’t recall the og one i saw – but basically it said: if something ‘bad’ happens – don’t worry about it – because it’s all just part of the plot. -tik…

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so, i know that when i die and go to heaven – my version of heaven will be me in a super cute cafe, with headphones on, in front of a laptop learning some new software, using it to do something creative. this is my more than happy place. the feeling i love the very…

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i got my motorcycle license + a new bike!

oh yeah baby! it’s official – after 4 years of riding, multiple licenses, test and courses i officially have my full m (motorcycle) license. to be honest it doesn’t change anything for me from the last license – with this full m you can now drink alcohol and take drugs(?) and carry passengers. both of…

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