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brand journalist interviewed me! here’s what they asked and what i had to say

kristen gale jumped into entrepreneurship when she made the decision to open THE TEN SPOT® in ontario in 2006. she knew that there was a need for a disruptor in the space of specialty waxing and nail salons, and by focusing on cleanliness, expert estheticians and great guest care, she turned out to be absolutely right. THE TEN SPOT® turned out to be a hit.

consumers who were used to going to all-day spas for their beauty needs no longer had to take the day off work to get a brazillian wax (redubbed + branded the brazilly® by kristen), and by standardizing the level of cleanliness, consumers no longer had to deal with the unsanitary conditions of independent nail salons. THE TEN SPOT® allows customers to walk in and strut out in no time at all – and most importantly, feeling like a ten. (read the full story here! x.kristen)

in 2011, kristen made the decision to franchise and THE TEN SPOT® has been rapidly growing ever since. THE TEN SPOT® has empowered entrepreneurs to thrive in a recession-resistant business model that provides tremendous profit potential, great work/life balance and the ability to scale.

now, THE TEN SPOT® is growing in the united states and we want you to get to know kristen gale in three quick questions.

brand journalist: THE TEN SPOT® is guided by the principle that everyone should live their best life. how does this commitment guide the success of your brand?

me: we designed our core values to be useful in our everyday lives, and because of this, they’re enormously important to our brand. one of our core values is that everyone should live their best life. we believe that we have one shot at life and we should do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. we exist to make everyone feel like a ten so that they can live their best life. the majority of our customers are women and we deal with body issues. when we feel great about ourselves, we can accomplish anything. our job is so impactful because we help improve people’s confidence in themselves, and by making them feel great, they can achieve so much more. this is truly meaningful work and we end up attracting great staff because of it.

brand journalist: how does the commitment to keep your locations clinically clean help make your guests feel comfortable?

me: this was our brand promise from the very beginning. we have high standards for cleanliness and it’s become more important than ever before as a result of covid-19. people are no longer willing to put up places that have dodgy standards for cleanliness or don’t take hygiene seriously. we do – and we’re known for our level of cleanliness – and this has helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors who don’t share our high standards.

brand journalist: who makes the ideal franchise partner with THE TEN SPOT®?

me: our mission is to grow the brand with the right franchise partners. we want people who are passionate about the brand and understand the brand that we’re building. we’re a far different concept than anything else in the industry and we want people who understand that we want to be the starbucks of spas. this is a concept that is designed for growth and many of our franchise owners are multi-unit locations, and by franchising with us, you’re joining a brand that is committed to helping you thrive in business.

want to learn more about franchising with THE TEN SPOT®? click the link and our franchise development manager will be in touch asap!

x. mike ackley
brand journalist


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