veteran franchise partner with THE TEN SPOT® opens up about what she loves about her business.

brand journalist interviewed a few of our franchise partners – this is what jennifer ruppel, our very first franchise partner of THE TEN SPOT®! she owns and operates our roncesvalles bar had to say! x.kristen

jennifer ruppel back in 2013 after she signed her lease!

jennifer rupple was one of the first franchise partners with THE TEN SPOT®. as a young mother, jennifer was looking for an opportunity that would allow her to be there for her children that was outside of the corporate world.

as a customer of THE TEN SPOT®, jennifer became intrigued when the brand started advertising franchising opportunities. her understanding of the business and her passion for the services has allowed her to thrive as a 10spot® franchise partner. eight years after opening her location in toronto, jennifer is one of the most successful franchise partners in THE TEN SPOT® franchise network.

in this interview, jennifer opens up about her experience as a franchise partner, what she loves about her business and much, much more.

brand journalist: as someone who never owned a business before, why did you feel confident to franchise with THE TEN SPOT®?

jennifer: i was a big fan of THE TEN SPOT® before i became a franchise partner and i felt capable that i could run this business. my husband, who was always entrepreneurial, encouraged me to go for it. it’s been a great experience. the first year was very hands-on, and i was there all the time, learning the business and training my employees. now, eight years later, i’m very hands-off and i work on the higher level side of the business.

brand journalist: what do your customers like about THE TEN SPOT®?

jennifer: they like the services, but they really enjoy the staff. we try to be very unpretentious, warm and inviting. we’re much more casual than traditional spas, but you’re still coming to us for a high-end service. we have a great culture and vibe – and you’re going to get a very consistent service every time you visit us. our guests know exactly what they’re going to get when they come to us. they also know that we’re very serious about our health and safety standards, whereas with other places, you can’t be sure what’s going on behind the scenes.

brand journalist: what is the work/life balance like as an owner?

jennifer: it’s really good. when my kids were young, i could pick them up from school and take them to events. i don’t have a set schedule so i’m able to be there for my family and focus on my business as well.

brand journalist: what are your hopes for your business going forward?

jennifer: i’d like to see growth year over year. i’d like to add to the team and grow my staff. it’s given me a great lifestyle, with a great work/life balance. i didn’t want to go back to the corporate world and this business allowed me to succeed on my own terms. i just want to keep growing!

want to learn more about franchising with THE TEN SPOT®? click the link and our franchise development manager will be in touch asap!

x. mike ackley
brand journalist


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