why an entrepreneur is bringing an iconic canadian brand to the united states.

brand journalist interviewed a few of our franchise partners – this is what darnell suggs, franchise partner of THE TEN SPOT® morningside in atlanta had to say! enjoy! x.kristen

darnell suggs is a serial entrepreneur.

as the owner of several businesses, darnell and his wife, ladonna are always looking for new investment opportunities that will benefit their hometown of atlanta, georgia.

when the couple came across THE TEN SPOT®, the iconic waxing and nail salon franchise, they knew it would be a hit in their market. most salons are independently owned and operated and do not deliver on either customer service or cleanliness – and most high-end spas require their customers to take an entire day off of work to experience their beauty services.

THE TEN SPOT®, on the other hand, exists to help professional people on the go get the high-class experience they deserve with the cleanliness and customer service they expect.

“we loved the idea that this business filled a niche in the market,” darnell says. “we knew there was nothing like THE TEN SPOT® in the atlanta market and we wanted to be a part of a brand that makes people feel like a ten.”

helping people feel like a ten is the core belief of THE TEN SPOT® franchise. by providing exceptional service with highly trained estheticians, we set our guests at ease and allow them to feel like the confident people they are. this is why our business has flourished since our founding in 2006 and it’s why the suggs’ wanted to be a part of the brand.

“we were attracted to this business because it’s a recession-resistant model,” he says. “these services are always in demand, no matter what’s happening to the rest of the economy.”

while the couple just signed their franchise agreement and just opened their first location in the summer of 2021 (click here to book into their bar! x.kristen) they already have plans to open more.

“we can’t wait to open and become a part of the community,” darnell says. “we’re excited to grow with THE TEN SPOT® and we’re planning on opening four locations in the coming years.”

want to learn more about franchising with THE TEN SPOT®? click the link and our franchise development manager will be in touch asap!

x. mike ackley
brand journalist


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