THE TEN SPOT fort collins, colorado is taking your bookings!

blessed be the fruit! it’s another new bar opening – this time it’s THE TEN SPOT® fort collins!

our fort collins location is nestled in the jessup farm village area. i’ve not gotten to visit yet (thank you ontario lockdown and canada travel ban) but word is, it’s the cutest little place where you can spend an entire day and fill with adorable things to do (cafes, shops, etc). it was so cute that our fort collins franchise partners cite that becoming part of that experience was their driving force behind opening their fort collins bar.

speaking of our fp’s. meet marcos and leslie – maybe the cutest couple ever – i mean look at this pic. just hashtag relationship goals right there:

we asked the couple a couple of q’s…

what was your life before THE TEN SPOT®?

for the past 12 years i have been an engineer in the oil and gas industry. after graduating with a mechanical engineering degree in 2008, i began working in deep water offshore locations in the gulf of mexico and then off the coast of brazil to drill exploration oil wells. some of the cool projects i have been a part of are the discoveries of large oil reservoirs in water depths over 3000m located 150 miles offshore, as well as the development of technologies used to make these things possible. however one of the coolest skills i have developed over the past 12 years is my ability to be a dad to two wonderful boys. 

my biz partner and i have been beautifully married for almost 8 years. in our time together we have welcomed two boys to this crazy world. my career began in the fashion industry where i managed a local boutique, eventually becoming the buyer and fashion merchandiser. over the years my love for beauty evolved into interiors with the opportunity to open my own business, favela interiors. 

what do you love about being a 10spot® franchise partner?

what sold me on the 10spot® as a company was the positivity i felt from every fp i spoke with during my validation phase. since joining the team, the openness and willingness from the top down to work together is something i am happy to be a part of. 

years later and here we are ready to expand our family. THE TEN SPOT®. from day one they have held our hands and guided us along the way. our small journey with them has been a great one and we are excited for its future. 

THE TEN SPOT® fort collins opens june 18th, 2021 – you can book into the bar now! click here!


if you’re interested in owning your own 10spot® beauty bar – click below!

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