i’m double vaxxed baby! which means – i can travel again!!! what what!!!

first up – visiting all of the bars in the states that have opened in the last few months that i’ve never even been to – that’s 6 bars! (not to mention the new bars in canada!).

so it’s going to be an absolute whirlwind of a trip. i’ve got to hit:

if coordinating the fightls, hotels, bar tours and franchise partner dinner and lunches isn’t already a scheduling feat – i’ve got to juggle my parenting schedule with my former husby so that i’m not traveling too much on my scheduled days with my boy and missing out on being with him but also making it inconvenient for my former.

despite the work it’s going to be to get it organized i’m beyond excited to see these locations in person. we did a major redesign of our bars during the first phase of lockdown last year – and although i’ve approved everything on paper – and loved the look – i’ve not yet seen a resigned bar irl. plus, i’ve not gotten any one on one time with our franchise partners or gotten to celebrate with them on opening their doors. i’m so looking forward to cheersing with everyone., getting to travel and eating —- dare it say, indoors again!


ps. special shout out to astrozenica and pfizer for making this happen.

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