i just gotta say – i f’ing love my ex husband.

while we were so, sooooo terrible at being married – we’ve ended up amazing friends. supportive, loving and the very best of co-parents i think two people could ever be.

while it didn’t start out that way – much to his credit and my dream of us all being better off – we ended up in the very best place two not-meant-to-be-together-forever-in-that-way but for some magical reason are so good together in some other ‘modern family’ type way.

i bring this up now because we just dropped our son off at sleepaway camp together. we seamlessly coordinated everything that needed to be done, purchase and packed – then shared a glorious patio lunch and had an epic drop off all together:

it’s legit a fairytale divorce.

i love his new partner. he loves mine. our kid is happy and healthy and feels comfortable and confident in each of our new homes and gets more love now than before because he has more people in his life to love him and help create and guide him into becoming an amazing man. and while it was most difficult thing i’ve ever had to go through, i’m so incredibly grateful for how it’s all worked out.


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