that’s right! our second 10spot® in minneapolis just opened their doors.

say hello to THE TEN SPOT edina!

kris and her business partner karen own our edina + north loop 10spots® and are slated to open six more – yes, you read that right – they will have an empire of eight 10spots® in the not so distant future.

we asked kris about her life pre-10spot® and what attracted them to the brand. here’s what she had to say:

what was your life before THE TEN SPOT®?

kris: my life for the past 18 years has been doing my very favorite thing – being a mama to my beautiful daughters; lilia (17) and ani (16). beyond that i have spent my entire professional career in retail leadership roles and the past 20+ years in human resources.  i left my role as an hr executive at best buy two years ago to find my next adventure. i still get my hr fix by consulting for various companies and helping them to build an extraordinary culture and long term strategies for success.

what do you love about being a 10spot® franchise partner?

kris: i love the challenge of learning a new industry, becoming a part of my community as a small business owner and being an advocate for self care!  10spot® offers me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone yet provides me the chance to use my life experience + passions to build something new along with my “ride or die” best friend, karen. i feel blessed to have found an organization that aligns with my values and is poised to expand.  i am ready + excited to be a part of the ride!

and from karen:

what were you doing before THE TEN SPOT?

finishing up a career in marketing, advertising and pr, working across the us and canada on the greatest brands.

what made you want to join THE TEN SPOT?

as a lover of both self care and great brands, the combination was irresistible!

where do you see your future as it relates to THE TEN SPOT? 

becoming the one-stop beauty destination for minneapolis and west – with 8 locations, becoming the most amazing and enjoyable experience, no matter which bar you’re at.

what do you love most about being a 10spot® fp?

the glow of our ten spotters and their guests when they walk in the door and when they leave after their service. it’s a love-love relationship.

like come on! how incredible are these women. i have total girl crushes on both of them!

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