fogo island inn is worth the hype.

this weekend i got to go to the fogo island inn with a group of friends and fam for my future brother in laws surprise birthday.

i’ve heard the fan fare of fogo for years now. and it’s been on my bucket list – not necessarily because it looked so enticing – to be honest whenever i googled it just seems like a somewhat cool looking hotel but that it’s on some remote island that seems too much hassle to get to – and with not a lot to do once you got there. so i had no urgency around making the trek (and it is a trek i’ll just say for the record) – but i also knew that everyone and anyone who ever came back from a visit from fogo gave rave reviews and swore it was a must do.

so i’m here to do the same now. and also to leave it just as vague as the other info out there about the island – which is to say – you kind of just have to go to get it. it’s an experience of all that is newfoundland – it’s people, it’s land, it’s waters, it’s food, it’s culture and that can only really be felt and not re-told. annoying i know. sorry.

while i was there i had the absolute pleasure – like full on pleasure (because this woman is my new lady crush and visionary inspo) – of chatting with the creator of this concept, zita cobb. she was exceptional from the very first words she spoke. she understands the nuances of brand, purpose and values and then articulated them in absolutely every ounce of that place. every single detail of the fogo island inn is intentional – from the jam served with your afternoon cheese plate that’s always made from local berries to the quilt you sleep under to the fisherman’s rope chandeliers in the dining room – it’s all an homage to the local culture. and i know a lot of places talk the talk of being all about local – but not like this. this is unique. i promise.

also the food + wine were fantastic. of which we had a ton of.

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