it’s all part of the plot.

i watched a tik tok recently – i went back to try and find it and there’s a ton of them now so i don’t recall the og one i saw – but basically it said:

if something ‘bad’ happens – don’t worry about it – because it’s all just part of the plot.

-tik toker

meaning, you’re the main character and your story would be boring as shxt if you didn’t have a little conflict, strife, obstacles to overcome.

i looooooooovvvveeee this.
obvi just another way of saying everything happens for a reason and a way to reframe things, but i don’t know seems a little less hokey to say out loud to someone. also i feel like it doesn’t negate the gravity of what happened as much as the cheery ‘all for a reason’ response.

anyway, as if on cue (everything happens for a reason) i saw this post as i was waiting for a flight home from romanina. my man and i went there for a quick trip and on the way back (the way there too actually…) the flight was delayed by hours and it was immediately clear that we weren’t making the connecting flight from warsaw to toronto – of which there was only one flight per day.

so, we were going to be ‘stuck’ in warsaw for the night. obviously way goddam worse things in life – but like all things when your expectations aren’t met, your brain quickly derails and puts you on the sliding scale of ‘slightly irritated to totally irate’ or the ‘slightly nervous to totally anxious’ track, depending on what just “happened to you”. (see what i did there?! – if not i’ll come back to this).

i went on both tracks at the low to medium level. i was low grade irritated and kind of moderately anxious. i had a very important, planned for months and months, ‘girls weekend’ at the cottage that my future sister in law plans every. this year she planned the weekend around my kid/divorice schedule. so i was going to now be a day late for that – if i got to make it at all. and (i know this one is totally irrational) – but i was worried that on the one night layover that putin was going to invade poland. let’s be clear – anxiety is most never rational, so i know this was a totally ridiculous thing to worry about; a) because it was totally unlikely (although i did look up many new repots on it) b) if he did, it’s a beyond total tragedy for millions not just me in the privileged spot of living life in canada and getting be always be away from conflict like this c) i was also just in romanina for three nights, a place that also boarders the conflict and where tons of ukrainians fled to and i wasn’t worried then…. so, right, as i said, irrational worries and irritations.

anyway, i only tell this rabbit hole of a story to say, i would have gotten over this in 7-10 minutes, however i did it in about 3 minutes (part of that time spent googling ‘is putin going to invade poland’) – beacuse i remembered my little tik tok soundbite of wisdom that said ‘ it’s all part of the plot’. and armed with that more empowered outlook – i was able to take my next few hours of life and look at them as an opportunity vs. something i was a victim to.

ok, i get it’s not the most profound story to relay this message to – but, i enjoyed it’s timing annnnnndddd i also enjoyed my plot twist.

as it turned out, we had the. best. fxcking. night. ever.

we stayed at the most gorgeous hotel, we had an exceptional meal of upscale traditional polish food and just when we thought it was night night time, we saw a cute little irish pub with some fun music and decided to stop for a night cap – that turned into an almost all nighter with some of the very greatest people i’ve ever met on my travels. like, pure ‘when you come to canada you are staying at our house with us’ type folks.

i fully believe that what you think about and feel about you bring about (another great quote from someone i don’t remember) – and by thinking the night was going to be dope and another great moment in my movie – it was.


ps. made it to girls wkd. but that’s another post…!

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