‘movie poster’ family core values

so we’ve had family core values for a while now. i’ve made mugs and mini posters for the house before – and some have stuck for sure – the number of times i’ve hard my son tell me to ‘choose adventure‘ when i don’t want to jump in the freezing water and cliff dive with him i can’t even count. but other, maybe more vital to ‘how i want them to be with others’ values don’t seem to be sticking in the same way. maybe because my mugs are being used for adult coffees or because they aren’t as snappy a saying as the others…

at any rate, in an effort to revamp our values – and make them more known and lived – i hit up canva and created (based off their templates) some movie posters to turn into core values.

and i’m obsessed.

first, these look dope. i’m going to decorate our basement with them (the place the boys hang out most) and each month i’ll rotate and bring one of them upstairs to the kitchen to have as our family ‘core value of the month’. we’ll do a vote each month and pick a winner. incentivize those babies.

second – what i love about the movie poster style format (and i think these could apply to a corporate setting – culture permitting) is that you can add more detail about the value in the form of the ‘awards’ or pull quotes or tags lines. our company values for THE TEN SPOT are phrases, which is great. i find that a value written as ‘be in it together’ vs just the word ‘teamwork’ is more more prescriptive on the behaviour you want and expect from your team – but that getting to add some funny, inside joke style items to help illustrate the value was a really great addition that i didn’t quite think of when i first had the idea of making them movie posters – i just thought it would be a fun and engaging way to display for kiddies.

here are my cinematic masterpieces:

(side note: since we’re a blended family and all have different last names – we made up a new family last name based off of a mountain biking train we all loved ‘duffins trail’ – we also gave ourselves bizarre word first names (ie: i’m banjo duffins)… so that’s what that’s all about…)

i ordered my print outs and my frames come this saturday from amazon – so we’ll see if these work with the kids!


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